Yvonne Lex (Yvonne Douliez)

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Deurne, Flanders, Belgium
After she was brought up to be an actress she was active in the Antwerp music-hall scene of the fifties. In 1958 she started her career on the 'Koninklijke Vlaamse schouwburg' in Brussels as a dramatic actress till 1985. The sixties and the seventies where the highlights of her theatre career. Meanwhile she started in 1969 her own theatrecompany 'TIL' ÿheatergezelschap Ivonne Lex. In 1986 she became the director of the Antwerp K.N.S. 'Koninklijke Nederlandse Schouwburg', but this wasn't so succesful as the other things she had realized. Read more...


Character: Dubbing song of Beata Tyszkiewicz

De man die zijn haar kort liet knippen 1966