Yevgeni Petrov (Yevgeni Petrovich Katayev)

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Odessa, Kherson Governorate, Russian Empire [now Ukraine]
Yevgeni Petrov was born Evgeni Petrovich Kataev on November 30, 1902, in Odessa, Russian Empire (Now Odesa, Ukraine). His father, named Petr Kataev, was a teacher. Petrov graduated from Classical Gymnasium in 1920, and became a news correspondent for the Ukrainian Telegraph Agency. From 1921-1923 he was a criminologist and homicide inspector in Odessa. In 1923 Petrov moved to Moscow and became a journalist in a Soviet magazine "Krasny Perets" (Red Pepper). With the help from his brother, Valentin Kataev, who was already a popular writer, Petrov made connections in the Moscow literary milieu. Read more...