Vladimir Troshin (Vladimir Konstantinovich Troshin)

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village Mikhaylovskiy, Nizhneserginsky Raion, Ural Oblast, RSFSR, USSR [now Mikhaylovsk, Nizhneserginsky District, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia]
Vladimir Troshin was a Russian singer and actor known for his lyrical interpretation of the popular song 'Moscow nights'.

He was born Vladimir Konstantinovich Troshin on May 15, 1926, in Mikhailovsky, Sverdlovsk province, Russia, USSR. He was the tenth child in a working class family. Young Troshin was fond of music and singing, he played balalaika and harmonica. In 1943 Troshin was accepted to acting school of the Moscow Art Theatre, where his classmates were Vladimir Druzhnikov, Mikhail Pugovkin, Vladlen Davydov, and Yevgeniya Khanayeva among others. Read more...