Viola Dana (Virginia Flugrath)

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Brooklyn [now in New York City], New York, USA
Viola Dana (real name Virginia Flugrath) was born in Brooklyn, NY, on June 26, 1897. She was the middle sister of three sisters (the other two were Edna Flugrath and Shirley Mason). She made her film debut in 1914 in Molly the Drummer Boy (1914). The following year she received top billing playing "Gladiola Bain" in Gladiola (1915). She was in top demand as evidenced by securing another lead in The Innocence of Ruth (1916). She continued to turn in great performances, particularly as Katie O'Doone in Bred in Old Kentucky (1926). Read more...


Character: Performer in 'The Pirate,' 'Meet My Sister' & 'Ladies of the Ensemble' Numbers

The Show of Shows 1929