Vilma Degischer (Wilhelmine Anna Maria Degischer)

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Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Vilma Degischer was, first of all, a famous and a very good theatre actress. She was born in Vienna on November, the 17th 1911. After attending school, she wanted to be a dancer and was taught ballet by Grete Gross, Gertrude Bodenwieser and Ellinor Tordis. However, after some time, she found the acting talent in herself.

She decided to attend the Wiener Reinhardt Seminar where she learned how to be a good actress. After graduating from the seminar, she played in various Austrian and German theatres, especially in Berlin, Vienna and Salzburg. Read more...


Character: Sister Wilhelmina

The Cardinal 1963

Character: Archduchess Sophie, Franz Josef's mother

Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin 1957

Character: Suzette Alberti

Das andere Leben 1948

Character: Archduchess Sophie, Franz Josef's mother

Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin 1956