Vasiliy Livanov (Vasili Borisovich Livanov)

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Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR [now Russia]
Vasili Borisovich Livanov was born on July 19, 1935, in Moscow, into the family of famous Russian actors. His grandfather, named Nikolai Livanov, was a notable theatre actor in Moscow. His father, named Boris Livanov, was a leading actor of the Moscow Art Theatre and a personal friend of Boris Pasternak, Aleksandr Dovzhenko, Nikolai Cherkasov, Olga Knipper-Chekhova and other Russian cultural figures. His mother, named Evgenia Kazimirovna, was a professional artist.

Young Livanov was brought up in a highly intellectual environment. He was reading voraciously and also demonstrated his gift of an artist in numerous drawings and portraits. Read more...