Varvara Popova (Popova Varvara Aleksandrovna)

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Samara, Russian Empire [now Russia]
Varvara Popova was a Russian character actress in silent films, also known for her brilliant cameos as a typical Russian "babushka" in Frosty (1964) and several other films of the 1960s.

She was born Varvara Aleksandrovna Popova on December 17, 1899, in Samara, Russia. In 1919 - 22, Popova studied acting under Yevgeni Vakhtangov, who regarded Popova as his favorite student for her unique natural talent. Popova was completely unspoiled by the trappings of civilization, she led a simple life, and was an unusually modest person amongst the lifestyle of entertainers around her. Read more...


Character: Matryona

Bratya Karamazovy 1969