Uta Erickson

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Uta Erickson was one of the most popular actresses in New York City-based sexploitation of the mid to late-60s. She is most familiar from the films of Michael and Roberta Findlay, including The Kiss Of Her Flesh, A Thousand Pleasures, Mnasidika, The Curse Of Her Flesh, and The Ultimate Degenerate. Erickson was also a favorite of directors Doris Wishman (Love Toy), John Amero (Bacchanale), Barry Mahon (Sex Killer), and Joe Sarno. Sarno and his wife Peggy Steffans recall Erickson was of Norwegian descent, and they gave her the best roles of her career in Marcy and Passion In Hot Hollows. Read more...


Character: Wilhemina 'Willi' Trueblood

Private Relations 1968

Character: Lesbian with banana

Torture Me, Kiss Me 1970