Tomoharu Katsumata

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Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
He was born in Shimoda City. Joined Toei Doga in the late 50s to doing planning and assistance tasks. In the mid-60s he began to direct episodes of TV animation series "Boy Ninja Fujimaru" and "Rainbow Squadron Robin". Debuted in long-feature format film with "The Three Musketeers'n Boots" (1972), sequel of "Puss'n Boots". Katsumata also co-directed the first animation TV Series based on mangas by Gô Nagai and Dynamic Pro.: "Devil Man" (1972-73), "Mazinger Z" (1972-74) [and the first film of the saga, "Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman" (1973)] and "Cutie Honey" (1973-74). Read more...