Titus Maccius Plautus

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Sarsina, Italy
Latin poet and dramatist, who was born at Mercato Saraceno in Umbria. Some authorities credit him with upto 130 comedies however only 21 are certain. These include: Amphitryo Jupiter, Asinaria (Comedy of Asses), Aulularia (Pot of Gold), Bacchides, Captivi (Prisoners of War), Casina, Cistellaria (Casket-Comedy), Curculio (The Weevil, the name of a parasite in the play), Epidicus, Menaechmi (The Two Menaechmuses), Mercator (Merchant), Miles Gloriosus (Braggart Warrior), Mostellaria (Ghost), Persa, Poenulus (Little Carthaginian), Pseudolus, Rudens (Rope), Stichus, Trinummus (Three-Dollar Day), Truculentus and Vidularia (Tale of a Traveling Chest). Read more...