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The Cass County Boys were formed at Dallas radio station WFAA circa 1935 where, as staff musicians, they harmonized between programs. They were first called the Early Birds, then the Cass County Kids, after the home of accordion player Fred Martin, born June 22, 1916 in Linden, Cass County, Texas. The trio consisted of Martin, guitarist and baritone singer Jerry Scoggins (born September 20, 1911 in Mount Pleasant, Texas, also the home of Dallas Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith); and bassist and tenor singer Bert Dodson (May 27, 1915-October 3, 1994. Read more...


Character: Musicial Trio

Blue Canadian Rockies 1952

Character: Medicine Show Performers

Wagon Team 1952

Character: Cass County Boys Band

On Top of Old Smoky 1953