Sukhdev Ahluwalia

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Sukhdev Ahluwalia Sukhdev Ahluwalia joined the film industry in the year 1955 as an assistant cameraman. He worked with Modern Studios and Raman Productions before switching over to writing and direction. He was the operative cameraman on three films viz: "Patang", "Phool Bane Angaare" and "Juari". Working independently, Ahluwalia wrote and directed the following features films: "Do Sher", "Dharamjeet", "Taakra", "Jai Mata Sheron Wali", "Kunwaara Mama", "Til Til Dalekha" (won Punjab State Govt. award for best story writer and second best feature film 1979). "Maanwaan Thandiaan Chhaanwaan", "Sounh Menoo Punja Di", "Ziddi Mera Naam", "Maahi Mera Chan Varga" and "Takraar". Read more...