Sol Hurok (Solomon Isaievich Hurok)

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Pogar, Chernigov Governorate, Russian Empire [now Pogar, Bryansk Oblast, Russia]
Sol Hurok was the legendary impresario who made the impossible breakthrough by bringing the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet to America During the Cuban Missile crisis. At that time he managed to separate the Russian art and culture from the Soviet politics of the day.

He was born Solomon Israilevich Gurkov on April 9, 1888, in Pogar, near Kharkov, Russia (now Kharkiv, Ukraine). He was the third son in a traditional Russian-Jewish family. His father, Israil Gurkov, was a retail trader. Young Hurok was a good balalaika player, albeit he was largely self-taught. He also worked for his father's business. Read more...


Character: Himself

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