Silvestre Alegrim

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Setubal, Portugal
One of the Portuguese theatre's most distinctive comedians, Silvestre Alegrim, born in 1881, performed in plays, operettas and revues, from the age of ten (when he became a child actor with the Chavas Companhia Infantil) to his death in 1946 (after a last triumph in "Charley's Aunt"). His contribution to the cinema of his country is more modest: mainly secondary roles in eleven films (a domestic in A Canção de Lisboa (1933); a butler in A Rosa do Adro (1938); the night watchman in A Menina da Rádio (1944)... ). Read more...


Character: Criado do retiro

A Canção de Lisboa 1933

Character: Guardo-noturno

A Menina da Rádio 1944