Roger Karl (Roger Trouve)

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Bourges, Cher, France
One of the very few actors to have spent more than a hundred years on this earth and to have performed his art until he was over 90, Roger Karl (1882-1984) was an exceptionally gifted person who could have become an artist ('Pablo Picasso' was a friend of his) or a writer (he was close to Guillaume Apollinaire and Paul Léautaud, eventually putting pen to paper with a book of memoirs, "Journal d'un homme de nulle part"). Bur Roger Karl finally opted for acting, studying drama at the Conservatoire de Paris first, then at the Odeon. Read more...


Character: Le président Jean-Marie Bonnet - un magistrat

Fantômas 1932

Character: Docteur Guillot

Le cas du Docteur Laurent 1957

Character: Terremoche

La poupée 1962