Richard E. Byrd

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Winchester, Virginia, USA
Intelligent and handsome, Richard Evelyn Byrd was born in 1888, the son of an influential Virginia lawyer. He entered the United States Naval Academy at age 20 and was commissioned in 1912. Interested in polar exploration as a boy, he was appointed navigator for the proposed transpolar flight of the Navy's dirigible "Shenandoah" from Alaska to Spitzbergen in 1924. When the flight was canceled by Pres. Coolidge, Byrd began to organize his own Navy flight expedition to the Arctic. He ultimately joined forces with the MacMillan Expedition to northwest Greenland, which was sponsored by the National Geographic Society, in 1925. Read more...


Character: Himself

I Never Forget a Face 1956

Character: Himself

The Secret Land 1948

Character: Himself - Explorer

Underground Aliens 0