René Carol (Gerhard Tschierschnitz)

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Berlin, Germany
René Carol the singer, actor and entertainer of Polish decent was born in Berlin as Gerhard Tschierschnitz and was one of the biggest stars of the 50's and 60's. In contrast to many people of his era he lived an adventurous lifestyle. Such can be highlighted through his love of big american cars, and women. Once released as a prisoner of war from Paris he changed his name with his first love Martine Carole to Rene Carol. He worked first in a nightclub called Taberin and at the famous Moumarte where he worked as a singer from Capri. Read more...


Character: Singer.'Rote Rosen rote Lippen roter wein'

Rote Rosen, rote Lippen, roter Wein 1953

Character: Singender GitarristCapri-Fischer

Südliche Nächte 1953