Raymond Maurel (Mario Iago Loris Cozzi)

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Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Born in Florence, Italy he was raised in Chile until seven years old when the family fled a disastrous earthquake. Before he was a singer, he well known in New York musical circles as the assistant to Gatti-Casazza, impresario of the Metropolitan Opera House. He worked for five years for Gatti-Casazza, all the while secretly training his voice. He chose the screen for his first appearance as a baritone, singing in several important sound films with Grace Moore and Lawrence Tibbett. Then, made his operatic debut in Milan at La Scala, singing in Andrea Chenier with Gigli. Read more...


Character: Singer - Leader Cimini Male Chorus

Rio Rita 1929

Character: Vocalist at Little Aregon

Street Girl 1929

Character: Cayetano - Hippodrome Owner

Dixiana 1930