Ralph Faulkner (Ralph Bearce Faulkner)

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Abilene, Kansas, USA
What Yakima Canutt was to classic stunt work in Hollywood for some 60 years, Ralph Faulkner was to sword fight choreography for almost a like number of years. Faulkner came west from Texas in his mid twenties to try his hand in the movies. Some of his first roles were as President Woodrow Wilson in silent bio/drama flag-wavers about American entrance into World War I. Faulkner's athleticism already tagged him for some stunt work, but while working in the silent movie The Man from Glengarry (1922), filming a river sequence on logs, Faulkner slipped on one and severely injured a knee. Read more...


Character: Bersonin

The Prisoner of Zenda 1937

Character: Henchman Rodriguez

Zorro's Fighting Legion 1939

Character: Himself

The Dinah Shore Show 1951