Raimu (Jules Muraire)

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Toulon, Var, France
Orson Welles once called beloved, down-to-earth French character star Raimu (born Jules Auguste Cesar Muraire) "the greatest actor who ever lived." It is hard to argue the compliment of one genius to another. Raimu was born in Toulon, France on December 17, 1883 of very humble means. He began his career at age 16 as a music hall extra by imitating famous French comic idols. Using the stage name of Raimut (he later dropped the "t"), he gained a following in dance halls, cafe concerts and bars as a comic entertainer, then cemented his reputation on the Parisian comedy stages. Read more...


Character: Francois Patusset

Un carnet de bal 1937

Character: Le curé Maffre, curé des Baux

Parade en 7 nuits 1941