Pinky Tomlin (Truman Tomlin)

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Eros, Arkansas, USA
Pinky Tomlin (so called because his pale hair and fair complexion sunburned easily) was born in Eros, Arkansas, but grew up on a farm in Durant, Oklahoma. A boyhood fascination with music soon gave him a reputation as a good banjoist--at 16 he was hired by Louis Armstrong for a riverboat gig--and Tomlin soon gravitated toward the guitar. He came to national attention when he personally introduced his original song, "The Object of My Affection." His disarming, easygoing style and lean, bespectacled looks belied a shrewd business instinct and an extensive education in music, law and geology. Read more...


Character: Professor Artemis J. Roberts

Swing It Professor 1937

Character: Tip Hubbard

Waterfront 1954