Pandro S. Berman (Pandro Samuel Berman)

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Pandro S. Berman was born into the film industry. His father, Harry, was distributor and exhibitor of films. Pandro also had a number of relatives in the film industry. When he started working in the 1920's he started as a script clerk and then rose to film editor. By 1931, the 26 year old Berman was an assistant director at RKO when Selznick took over the floundering studio. Selznick fired many people at RKO, but he saw something in Berman and made him his assistant. Pandro was a success and brought to the screen many stars and great films. Read more...


Character: Himself - Thalberg Award Recipient

The 49th Annual Academy Awards 1977

Character: Himself - Memorial Tribute

The 69th Annual Academy Awards 1997