Olga Barnet

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Olga Barnet is a Russian actress of Moscow Art Theatre (MKhAT).

She was born Olga Borisovna Barnet on September 3, 1951, in the Soviet Union. Her father, Boris Barnet, was a legendary Soviet film actor and director, who was in his fourth marriage to Olga's mother, Alla Kazarnovskaya, an actress of Vakhtangov Theatre in Moscow. Her father committed suicide in 1965, when Olga was 14. From 1968 -1972 she studied acting under A. Borisov at Shchukin Theatrical School of Vakhtangov Theatre, graduating in 1972 as an actress. Read more...


Character: Mat Krisa Kelvina

Solaris 1972

Character: Ekonomika

Gladiator po naymu 1993