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Lahore, Punjab, British India [now Pakistan]
Nazir,as film director,became well-known in Old India with the release of film Laila Majnu (1945)which celebrated its success with a Silver Jubilee.Nazir & Swaran Lata (husband & wife team)migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and made several commercially successful movies in Pakistan...Pheray (1949),Shehri Babu (1953),Heer (1955)and Noor-E-Islam (1957).Nazir was instrumental in building up the film industry based in Lahore,Pakistan...in the early years of Pakistan as a new country.He made his films both in Punjabi and Urdu languages.Chhoti Begum (1956) was another landmark movie for him as an actor.His acting performance was widely acclaimed among the Pakistani public for this movie. Read more...