Miriam LaVelle (Miriam Lavelle Patterson)

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Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Miriam LaVelle, a home-grown American girl from Chester, Pennsylvania achieved fame as a 'speciality' dancer throughout the 1940s. Pretty, with thick, billowing auburn hair, and a lithe, athletic figure, she never failed to garner good reviews from the variety critics. Her acts comprised sequences of beautifully choreographed acrobatic moves executed to music in a way that was totally unique. Essentially a cabaret artiste, she also featured in several films and television shows.

As a young child, Miriam LaVelle lived in Lynne Crum, a small locality on the outskirts of Chester. Read more...


Character: Miriam - Acrobatic Dancer

Meet the People 1944

Character: Hazel - Acrobatic Dancer

Seven Days Ashore 1944