Miriam Battista (Miriam C.J. Battista,)

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New York City, New York, USA
Miriam Battista was born in New York City on July 14, 1912, the youngest of three children, to immigrant parents from Italy. Her father was Raphael Battista from Oliveto Citra, Italy, and her mother was Cleonice (Clara) Rufolo. Clara was related to many old Neapolitan families of noble blood, and Raphael's grandfather was an archbishop. Miriam captivated audiences at age 4 when she made her stage debut in 1916 with legendary stage star Maude Adams (1872-1953) in "A Kiss for Cinderella." She was first seen on film in Blazing Love (1916) starring Virginia Pearson. Read more...


Character: Little Mary, Moonyeen's Sister

Smilin' Through 1922

Character: Minnie Ginsberg

Humoresque 1920