Micheline Luccioni (Micheline Jeanne Labourot)

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Palaiseau, Essonne, France
Exuberant and funny theater actress who excelled in light comedies (Feydeau's "Le système Ribardier", "Chat en poche"; Françoise Dorin's "L'étiquette"; Remo Forlani's "Le divan", "Un roi qui a des malheurs", "Guerre et paix au café Sneffe"), Micheline Luccioni did not have the movie career she deserved. Used too often as the mocking prostitute or the provocative floosie in the office, she nevertheless played these roles with the appropriate jocular insolence. No wonder that she usually appeared in comedies written and/or directed by Michel Audiard. Read more...


Character: Clémence - une blanchisseuse, ouvrière chez Gervaise

Gervaise 1956

Character: Yolande - une fille d'Eglantine

Églantine 1972