Mecha Ortiz (Maria Mercedes Varela Nimo Dominguez Castro de Ortiz)

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mecha Ortiz is a legendary Argentinean actress whose real name was María Mercedes Varela Nimo Domínguez Castro de Ortiz. She was considered the Greta Garbo of the Argentine films and theatre world; born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 24, 1900. Her parents were Vicente Varela Nimo and Josefa Domínguez Castro. She married Julián Ortiz, a small farmer with whom she had a son, Julián, diplomatic, translator and playwright who was married to Violeta Bertina. She had a brother called José, who was a theatre director and a sister, Amanda who also was an actress. Read more...


Character: Flora Jordán

El canto del cisne 1945

Character: Amalia Pradere - Amalia Grande

Piedra libre 1976