Max Hansen (Max Josef Hansen)

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Mannheim, Germany
Max Hansen was born in Mannheim, Germany, but was raised by his step parents in Munich. His mother was a Danish Actress, Eva Haller, his father's name was von Waldheim. In his school days, he already sang at the Opera House, so he earned the nickname "The Little Caruso" ("Der kleine Caruso"). Later he studied Music and Voice and got a job at the Simplizissimus Cabaret in Munich. From 1914 he played Operettas in Vienna and became a good friend of Franz Lehár. Read more...


Character: Prince Michael von Marana

Die - oder keine 1932

Character: Peter - ein Friseurgehilfe

Einmal möcht' ich keine Sorgen haben 1932

Character: Ambrosius Jensen

En flicka för mej 1943