Maurizio D'Ancora (Rodolfo Gucci)

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Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Maurizio D'Ancora was only seventeen when he was spotted by Danish director Alfred Lind who gave him a supporting role in Ragazze non scherzate (1929). But it was with his second movie Rotaie (1929), directed by Mario Camerini, that success came. Thanks to his good looks, his penetrating eyes and his regular guy airs, he soon imposed himself both on the public and on the critics in movies of fairly good quality (Casta diva (1935) being one of these) and remained very much in demand until the mid-forties. Read more...


Character: Asdrubale Chiodini

Figaro e la sua gran giornata 1931

Character: Saverio Mercadante

Casta diva 1935

Character: Ted Wall

Freccia d'oro 1935