Margaret Scudamore (Daisy Bertha Mary Scudamore)

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Portsmouth, England, UK
Margaret Scudamore was born Daisy Bertha Mary Scudamore in 1884 in Portsmouth, to Clara (Linington) and William George Scudamore. She was a stage actress from her youth. She met and married the dashing matinee idol Roy Redgrave in 1907 and they had a son Michael Redgrave in 1908. She followed her adventurous husband on tour in Australia, but they separated upon her return to England with her infant son.

Roy Redgrave remained in Australia until his premature death in a Sydney hospital in 1922 aged fifty. Daisy remarried to Captain J.P. Read more...


Character: Mrs. Colpeper

A Canterbury Tale 1944

Character: Clodagh's Grandmother in Flashback

Black Narcissus 1947