Marco Pancrazi (Marco Roberto Pancrazi)

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Tivoli, Lazio, Italy
Marco Pancrazi is an Italian Actor. He was born in Tivoli, close to Rome, on October 23, 1983. He attended the Institute of Technology in Tivoli, Italy. He received a degree in Sport Sciences from the Italian University Sport and Movements "I.U.S.M.", of Rome, Italy, in 2007. Marco started with Martial Arts young at twelve years old, practicing Viet Vo Dao, and getting the 3rd Dang in 2011. Ever, since he was young, he always loved extreme sports. He practiced various disciplines including Parkour, Freerun, Gymnastics, Breakdance, Snowboard, Motocross, Horse Riding, Fencing, and many others. Read more...