Madame Chiang (Mei-ling Soong)

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Wen-ch'ang, Kwangtung Province, China
Mei-ling was the fourth of six children born to Charlie Soong, a Methodist minister who acquired a fortune in commercial publishing. She attended college in the United States, earning a degree in English Literature in 1917. Following in her well-wed sisters' footsteps (Ai-ling Soong married wealthy banker H.H. Kung; Ching-Ling Soong became the wife of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (Yat-sen Sun), Mei-ling married Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ('Kai-shek Chiang') in 1927. The Soong family fortune played an enormous role in the Chinese revolt against the Manchu dynasty and was instrumental in financing the Nationalist revolution. Read more...


Character: Herself - Wife of Jiang Jieshi

Chapter 2: Roosevelt, Truman and Wallace 0