Lisa Whelchel (Lisa Diane Whelchel)

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Littlefield, Texas, USA
Lisa was born in Littlefield, Texas, USA. She is the daughter of James "Jimmy" and Virginia "Genny" Whelchel. Her parents divorced in 1981, and her mother married Roy Coleman in 1983. Whelchel is the oldest sister of James (Cody) Whelchel and half-brother, Casey Coleman. She was raised for most of her childhood in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. She is an American actress, singer-songwriter, author and speaker. Whelchel discovered acting at the age of eight and proceeded to perform in musical theater for the next four years. She became a born-again Christian and devoted her life to her Christian faith at age ten. Read more...


Character: Jill Moore

Twirl 1981