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Essen, Germany
Lady-like Leny Marenbach was Germany's answer to Irene Dunne. She seemed to have little artifice about her and was therefore ideally suited to play gentle, impeccably well-mannered model wives or brave battlers against the forces of adversity. In more emancipated mode, she added a much-needed sparkle to assorted mainstream melodramas and could also occasionally display a deft talent for comedy. Leny already had a distinguished theatrical career under her belt by the time she entered the movies. On stage from 1926, she became an audience favorite at the Schauspielhaus Zürich where she starred in plays by Molières, Shakespeare, Guitry and Molnar. Read more...


Character: Margret Bartlett

Model Husband 1937

Character: Hedwig - seine Frau

Wenn wir alle Engel wären 1936