Lenore Aubert (Eleanore Maria Leisner)

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Cilli, Austria-Hungary
Lenore Aubert was born in present-day Slovenia, at the time still connected to the Austro-Hungarian Empire (her French name was pure Hollywood hokum, designed to make her background more exotic - though she did live for some time in Paris). Eleanore Maria Leisner was the daughter of an Austrian general and spent her formative years in Vienna where she studied acting and appeared in a few movies as an extra. Her marriage to a Jewish boy obliged her to leave Austria after the 'Anschluss' and the couple emigrated to the United States via France. Read more...


Character: Mrs. Vanescu

They Got Me Covered 1943

Character: Mounirah al-Rashid

Action in Arabia 1944

Character: Princesse Véra

Une fille sur la route 1952