Lee Murray (Leterio Rosario Mari)

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Brooklyn, New York, USA
Born in Brooklyn, New York. of Italian immigrant parents. Worked in vaudeville as a child and young adult. Danced his way to Hollywood, where he worked for many years as a specialty dancer doing bit parts in many movies.Married in L.A., he had three children, Don Lee, Rise Lee, and Norma Lee. After Rise died an accidental death by fire, Lee left California and spent two years in the Army. After his discharge, he worked in clubs and in Burlesque as a comedian and eccentric dancer. Married again and had three daughters, Cara Lee, Melinda Lee, and Lucinda Lee. Read more...


Character: Palisades' Jockey

Kentucky 1938

Character: Drummerboy

Gone with the Wind 1939

Character: Eccentric Dancer in 'Seek the Spy' Sequence

The Chocolate Soldier 1941

Character: Shorty, a Bellboy

Step Lively 1944