Jun Aristorenas (Juanito Aristorenas)

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Manila, Philippines
Before his foray into cinema, Jun Aristorenas used to do sing-and-dance routines onstage. In 1960 he toured the Asia-Pacific and Las Vegas as part of a vaudeville troupe. Aristorenas had a walk-on part in Sampaguita Pictures' Lupang Kayumanggi (1955); after which, he became a bit player in Kulang Sa Pito, Sobra Sa Walo (1956). Having been formally introduced in Kardong Kidlat (1965), he snagged a lead role in Dugong Tigre (1965). He soon founded his own production outfit, Junar Productions: its first venture was Dugong Kayumanggi (1967), its title sort of an homage to his lucky acting debut. Read more...