Julia Arnall (Julia Ilse Hendrika von Stein Liebenstein zu Bachfeld)

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Vienna, Austria
Julia Arnall was a beautiful leading lady of the 1950s. She spent her childhood in Berlin, where her father was an army officer. After the war ended, she married a British Army officer, Desmond Arnall, who was posted in Berlin. In 1950, she came to Britain, with her husband and her young son. In 1952, her second son was born. She started her life as a model before becoming a Rank starlet. She appeared in bit parts in a few films before starring in the film, "Lost", which was released in 1956, and was considered to be a reasonable film. Read more...


Character: Ruritanian Doll

Value for Money 1955

Character: Diane Gilbert

House of Secrets 1956

Character: Kelly Lee Marcus

Mogul 1965