José Mojica (Crescenciano Abel Exaltación de la Cruz José de Jesus Mojica Montenegro y Chavarín)

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San Gabriel, Jalisco, Mexico
Mexican actor and tenor, briefly slated to become a Ramon Novarro -style latin lover in early Hollywood sound films. Mojica initially planned for a career in engineering, but changed his mind and studied singing at the National Conservatory of Music. Funded by his mother, he went to New York with $500 in his pocket, attending performances of Enrico Caruso. Caruso, having met Mojica, was sufficiently impressed by his singing to help him obtain a contract with the Chicago Civic Opera Company, where was soon given leads opposite Mary Garden and Amelita Galli-Curci. Read more...


Character: Prince Al-Hadi

La ley del harem 1931

Character: Sergio Danikoff

Un capitan de Cosacos 1934

Character: Miguel Segovia

Las fronteras del amor 1934