Jonathan Doh

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Jonathan Doh is a professional actor. He always had a love and passion for acting, ever since he was six years old, but never had the opportunity to pursue acting as a career, until the age of 22. He studied professional acting at The New York Film Academy, Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The characters that Jonathan Doh usually plays are villains, crazed psychopaths, off-the-wall insane characters and flawed insecure men who suffer from depression. Jonathan frequently plays characters with severe anger, rage and emotional problems very well. However, Jonathan Doh also plays characters with a big nice, funny and kind personality. Read more...


Character: Sophisticated Upscale Guest / Person In Suit

Mr. Sophistication 2013

Character: Person Undergoing Hypsosis

Tranced 2010

Character: Young Wizard / Wizard Costume Fan

In Security 2010

Character: Boston Tech Cop

I'm Your Boogie Man 0