Joan Perry (Elizabeth Rosiland Miller)

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Pensacola, Florida, USA
Born in Florida, Joan went to New York where she worked as a model. In 1935 she went to Hollywood where she was signed at Columbia Pictures. While at Columbia, Joan appeared in a number of films and worked with leading men such as Ralph Bellamy, Melvyn Douglas and Lew Ayres. She also caught the eye of studio mogul Harry Cohn who wanted Joan for his wife. After Columbia, Joan went to Warner Brothers where she appeared in a handful of films including International Squadron (1941) and Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941) with Ronald Reagan. Read more...


Character: Alice Devlin

Strange Alibi 1941

Character: Patricia Van Dyne

Bullets for O'Hara 1941

Character: Diana Webley

Maisie Was a Lady 1941