Jimmy Scott (James Victor Scott)

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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Often called "Little Jimmy Scott", he was one of ten siblings born to Arthur and Justine Scott. All ten sang in church with their musician mother. Both Jimmy and his brother Kenny suddenly stopped growing while in their early teens. It was later discovered that they both suffered from a rare and inherited condition known as Kallmann's Syndrome which causes hormone imbalances that render its sufferers into a perpetual state of pre-puberty. Because Scott refused treatment out of fear that he might damage his voice, he has remained a vocalist widely known for his boyish soprano. Read more...


Character: Fats Waller's fan in train

Be Kind Rewind 2008

Character: Himself

Passion Play 2010

Character: Himself

Scotch and Milk 1998

Character: Skinny Bones

Chelsea Walls 2001