Jess Willard

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St. Clere, Kansas, USA
Boxer Jess Willard went down in history for three things: being the tallest world's heavyweight champion in history until Primo Carnera wrested that title from him; losing his championship belt to Jack Dempsey in a controversial title bout that saw him knocked down seven times in the first round, leading to rumors that Dempsey had "loaded" his gloves; and being The Great White Hope (1970)" that brought the the heavyweight crown back to the "white race" after being in the possession for seven years of grinning gold-toothed, black-skinned Jack Johnson, an African American who committed the sin of being proud to be Read more...


Character: Himself - Ex-Heavyweight Champion

The Prizefighter and the Lady 1933

Character: Himself - Prizefighter

The Great American Broadcast 1941