Jerry Lucas (Carmine Imbriani)

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Brooklyn, New York, USA
Carmine Imbriani was born in Brooklyn on June 8, 1919 to Emilia & Mathew Imbriani. His mom, Emilia Cancello, came to America with her family from Naples, when she was 8 years old. Besides the shows listed on IMDb, Carmine sang in off Broadway musicals and was also in the Mae West stage shows. He was also in The Robe, where he played one of the soldiers playing dice at the bottom of the cross. Carmine had three sisters and three brothers. They were named Celia, Anna, Louie, Armand and Mary. Read more...


Character: Hebrew at Rameses' Gate / Jailer

The Ten Commandments 1956

Character: First Mate at Barataria

The Buccaneer 1958