Jenny Jugo (Eugenie Jenny Walter)

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Mürzzuschlag, Styria, Austria-Hungary [now Austria]
A lively brunette, dimple-cheeked actress with a tom-boyish, unaffected manner, Jenny Jugo had a brief flirt with stardom in a string of romantic comedies during the mid-1930's. The daughter of a factory owner, she was educated at a convent school in Austria. A short-lived marriage to the Italian actor Emo Jugo brought her to Berlin, where she was discovered by the noted film producer Erich Pommer and subsequently signed to a contract with Ufa. Her comedic talents were not fully recognised, until the first of her eleven films (Wer nimmt die Liebe ernst... Read more...


Character: Blanche Valette

Die Todesschleife 1928