Jeanne Aubert

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Paris, France
Jeanne Aubert was the daughter of a French Aristocrat and a Flower-girl. At the age of 5, she had already worked as an extra in 'Le Chatelet'. As a teenager, she studied voice and music. In 1924 she played in "Mistinguett" at the Casino de Paris. In 1925, the song "Si tu vois ma tante" made her une grande Chanteuse in Paris. Under the name of Jane Aubert, she appeared in 1927 on "Paris aux Etoiles", the Moulin Rouge's magazine. In 1929, she made her first silent movie, La Possession (1929), with Francesca Bertini. Read more...


Character: Mme de Lursac - la mère de Jean

Les ennemis 1962