Jack Mountford (John Edward Mountford V)

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Orlando, Florida, USA
John was born on October 25th 1989 in Orlando, Florida. At the age of 3 he was extremely accelerated in academic studies and skipped 3 grades which placed him in the second grade at the young age of 4. Landing commercials here and there such as Angel Soft, Cheerios, etc. John was looking for something more. He had done his first two videos (Healthy Herb, Kids For Character) when he was informed of a part in a cartoon network TV series (Big Bag). He received the principal boy role and was thrilled. Read more...


Character: Super Hot Guy In Swim Trunks

Staten Island Summer 2015

Character: Z-Guyeezz #2 - Joey Z

Rock of Ages 2012

Character: Christopher Conrad

From the Earth to the Moon 1998