Hubertus Bengsch

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Berlin, Germany
Hubertus, nephew of Berlin cardinal Bengsch, had his breakthrough in Wolfgang Petersen's 1981 blockbuster, Das Boot (1981) playing the First Officer. Born in 1952, Hubertus Bengsch studied at the Max Reinhardt school in Berlin. He has been in plays at theatres in Hannover, Bochum, Berlin and Salzburg. In addition he has participated in numerous broadcast and television productions. Since 1990's smash hit, "Pretty Woman", he has been the German synchronous voice of Richard Gere as well as speaking in the X Files, Full House and as Kittridge in "Mission Impossible". Read more...


Character: 1st Lieutenant - Number One-1WO

Das Boot 1981

Character: Erster Wachoffizier

Das Boot 1985