Hoot Gibson (Edmund Richard Gibson)

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Tekamah, Nebraska, USA
A pioneering cowboy star of silent and early talking Westerns, Hoot Gibson was one of the 1920s' most popular children's matinée heroes. In his real life, however, he had a rather painful rags-to-riches-and-back-to-rags career, a problem that seemed to plague a number of big stars who fell victim to their high profile and wound up living too high on the hog.

An unfortunate byproduct of stardom is, of course, the misinformation that is often fed to the public over the years by either overzealous publicity agents or the actor himself. Read more...


Character: Curt Fremont aka El Capitan

Clearing the Range 1931

Character: Marshal Ben Dawson

The Marshal's Daughter 1953